3 things you need to know before opening a gîte in France

Owning a property with a gîte or chambre d’hôtes is a dream of many of us. This article provides some tips on key things you need to consider

30 Nov 2023

France is one of the world’s best-loved holiday destinations.

For many holiday makers, staying in a gîte or bed & breakfast – chambre d’hôtes – is a good choice, offering authenticity and a friendly welcome. Infact, there are some 40,000+ gîtes in France. It’s not surprising therefore that many people moving to France choose to open this type of accommodation, providing a useful source of income.

If you are thinking about this type of business, there are though some key things you need to bear in mind:

1.        View the property during the winter before you buy. If you like the look of the property even on a cold, wet day – you’ll love it during the spring or summer months. This could be particularly useful if you are planning an all-year round gîte or bed & breakfast business.

2.       Register your business with the local Mairie. Before opening the doors to paying guests it is essential that you declare your property to the town hall – or the Mairie. You will need to register this activity with an organisation called the Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce. You must also take out professional insurance (see below). For further information, do some online research or speak to an expert.

3.      Assess risks. Weigh up any possible risks which may impact upon your business. For example, a guest may fall in the garden, there may be injuries around the swimming pool or someone may experience food poisoning. Typical comprehensive home insurance will not cover these risks for a gîte or chambre d’hôtes.

What’s the solution?

If you decide to rent your home as a gîte or chambre d’hôtes please contact your insurer.

Professional insurance is mandatory for gîte owners and covers things such as civil liability insurance in the event that a guest is injured on your property.

AXA also offers a dedicated chambre d’hôte insurance policy which, in addition to covering major risks, can protect you in specific situations listed above as well as protecting you against financial loss to your business following cancellation of bookings.

Insurance France is the trading name of AXA Marthon. We are an English and French speaking AXA agency, taking care of your insurance so you can enjoy your life in France.

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