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Cars, motorbikes, motorhomes and classic cars & bikes. Our flexible and comprehensive insurance keeps you on the road in France.

Driving in France

Driving in France is often a pleasurable experience as you take in the beautiful scenery and picturesque towns and villages. However, for drivers moving to France there are some important differences to understand in terms of insurance cover and the law. Insurance France can help you choose the right car insurance policy, with our friendly English-speaking service and wide-ranging products.

British-owned AXA Agency

Insurance France is a British-owned AXA agency. Our insurance policies are highly flexible, providing all types of cover – from third party to fully comprehensive. So whether you have one car or more, have a passion for classic cars, motorhomes or bikes; we can help, tailoring the product to meet your needs.

What Are the Other Benefits with Our Insurance Cover and Services?

  • Pragmatic advice on registering cars and motor vehicles in France
  • Practical approach to handling any no-claims bonuses from other countries
  • Discounted premiums for drivers with limited use of their vehicles
  • Recovery of your vehicle from home
  • Accident/breakdown recovery within 1 hour – anywhere in Europe (24/7 service)
  • Use of a hire car to your home or garage in case of accident/breakdown
  • In-house insurance claim service – we are not a call centre

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