Do you understand what your home insurance covers?

Checking that you have the appropriate level of house insurance in place is crucial. We offer some tips on how to do this

12 Mar 2024

If you’ve lived in France for several years, you’ll be aware that when buying a property in France, it’s compulsory to have home insurance, so when you take ownership your policy must be in place.

When we buy a home insurance policy, we all hope that we will never need to make a claim.

However, if a fire, theft, or damage to your property causes this situation to arise, having proper cover offers genuine peace of mind. As we have seen this winter, the risk of flooding and storm damage are increasing in France. So, what can you do to reduce this risk?

1.        Provide accurate information to the insurer about your property. This includes the type of property, its size (in square metres), the number of rooms, its location, gardens, swimming pools, garages and outbuildings. Don’t be tempted to leave off a few rooms to get a cheaper premium – this could seriously impact any future claim. If unsure, contact your insurer.

2.       What type of policy do you have? All house insurance policies cover the building structure as well as the contents. The majority in France are Multi-risk buildings & Contents cover. Check the details or seek help from your insurer. It’s better to amend a policy before you make a claim!

3.       Second homes, gîtes and chambres d’hôtes. Inform your insurer if your property is a second home, as some insurers may void policies if the property remains vacant for an extended period. If you are running a gîte or chambres d’hôtes as a company ensure that you have professional liability insurance cover.

4.       Value your personal belongings. Make a list of your most precious items such as jewellery, electronic equipment and other keepsakes. Take photos of them and keep a backup file in case of potential loss.

5.       Legal protection cover. This can be useful if you have a dispute with your neighbour, buy faulty goods/services or in other difficult circumstances. These policies can cover the cost of making a claim, legal fees, costs and expenses.

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