Tips for choosing Top-Up health insurance in France

Deciding on the right health insurance cover will give you peace of mind – and can save you money.

12 Oct 2023

What is Top-Up health insurance?

Top-Up health cover is a health insurance policy which pays the difference between the cost of healthcare or treatment and the amount paid by the French social security system. It’s often referred to as the mutuelle.

Why is it important?

Although France’s health service provides comprehensive cover, the state will only pay around 70% of health costs – such as a visit to your doctor, an eye test, a stay in hospital or for prescriptions. Top-Up health insurance gives you peace of mind that you will not have to pay for expensive medical bills. Healthcare insurance is furthermore a legal requirement for anyone planning to live in France for more than 3 months.

How to select the right level of cover

Top-Up health insurance policies are flexible, so you can decide on which cover is appropriate for you and your budget. For example, you may choose a basic level of cover such to pay for stays in hospital or you may choose a policy which pays for things like complex dental work (orthodontics) or more expensive glasses.

 15% discount for over 60s or self-employed

If you are over 60 years of age or self-employed, AXA Marthon can offer you a discount of up to 15% of on a new Top-Up health insurance policy. Also, if you take out multiple policies, AXA will reimburse the cost of 5 months’ premiums on the most expensive contract!

Insurance France is the trading name of AXA Marthon. We are an English and French speaking AXA agency, taking care of your insurance so you can enjoy your life in France.

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