How to obtain 100% health cover

If you need dental work, glasses or hearing aids you can now get 100% cover on more healthcare services

25 Jan 2023

Did you know that since 2019 you can now get 100% health cover on various items such as for eyes, teeth and ears?

If you have lived in France for a while you will be familiar with how French healthcare works – but may not be aware of some changes. The health system operates on a contributory principle. That means although the state will pay for a proportion of the cost – generally about 70% –  you are responsible for paying the remainder, covered either by Top Up (the ‘mutuelle’) or private health care insurance. So, when you go to your GP or for a hospital visit you pay a fee. The government reimburses part of the cost with the rest covered by insurance.

Over the last three years, the French government has increased those services which are 100% covered to make healthcare more affordable. The 100% Santé or Zero Excess reforms relate to dental, optical and audiology prostheses.

Let’s take dental work for example.

Previously you could not receive 100% reimbursement for some dentistry treatments like crowns and bridges and resin dentures. Therefore, if your dentist needed to fit or replace a crown, you would be liable to pay a much higher proportion of the cost.

The healthcare reforms introduced another change, too.

Now dentists and other health professionals must specify a 100% Santé option whenever this is possible. This ensures that if you require dental work – or new glasses or a hearing aid – you have a choice of treatment with nothing to pay.

As the average dental crown costs from around 500€ this new policy can make a real financial difference.

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