Pink Pepper Gin – distilled in Cognac

Why are we talking about gin?

Well, we are lucky at AXA Marthon to have a diverse range of clients – and recently we met up with Ian Spink, one of the founders of Audemus Spirits in Cognac. Ian, Miko and the team are responsible for their award-winning Pink Pepper Gin.

26 Feb 2021

It is an interesting story.

Living in Buenos Aires, Argentina whilst running a boutique hotel, Ian decided to move back to Europe to be closer to friends and family. He and his partner bought a property close to Cognac, restoring a lovely old manor house.  After finishing this restoration project, Ian started a soup company. One day, Miko came in to buy some soup, offering a bottle of gin in exchange… and there begins the story of how both men have grown the company together.

Miko had already started the distillery, developing a type of honey flavoured gin. However, he felt that the taste missed a vital ingredient. Soon, Miko discovered the missing element – and it was a real eureka moment: pink peppercorns! Pink Pepper Gin was born.

Over the past 7 years, Pink Pepper Gin has taken the spirits world by storm. It is Audemus’ flagship product, containing 9 botanicals including pink peppercorns, juniper and cardamom.

Audemus’ vacuum gin distillation process is not widely used. The gin is distilled in glass stills and heated at a lower temperature compared with other spirits. This preserves the delicate flavours in the gin.

Cognac of course is world famous for its brandy. It is also the perfect location for a gin producer, with everything you need in one place: for example, bottle manufacturers, cork suppliers and specialist packaging companies.

As well as Pink Pepper Gin, Audemus make several other spirits. They specialise in producing limited edition drinks for major retailers and leading chefs, such as Michelin-starred Anne-Sophie Pic and Jamie Oliver. In fact, the company was named as Craft Distillery of the Year 2020 in the World Gin Awards. Well done, guys!

We would like to thank Ian for sharing his story. We wish to give Ian the final few words by telling you why he is a client:

“AXA Marthon is a one-stop solution for me, providing my car insurance, health insurance and much more. If I have a problem, David is always there and is so responsive. Virginie and Karine are also great, so helpful. It is a really good personal service.”

Thank you Ian. If you would like to find out more about our one-stop shop services for English speakers in France, please get in touch.


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Audemus Spirits

Miko and Ian founders of Pink Pepper Gin

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